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Tessa Marlise

Exact details of Tessa’s life remain scarce. She is known to have been born to a wealthy family in Cardel. As a teenager, Tessa demonstrated an aptitude for wielding advanced element stones. This probably contributed to her joining the Rosellas — an all-female division of the Royal Army that focused on defense and healing in the battlefield.
Whether Tessa willingly joined the ranks or was drafted is up for historians to surmise. What is known is that her talent and skills led her to become a key figure in the war. Her achievements remain shrouded in mystery. Some say she hid the last Mother Dragon in the Sea Mountains away from the dark elves who would have abused her powers. Others claim Tessa’s presence alone inspired hundreds on the battlefield and almost always guaranteed a victory. A particular skirmish not documented in any history books apparently gave birth to her most famous moniker, “Lady of the Stormwing.”
The string of mysteries surrounding Tessa’s life culminates in her supposed death at the tender age of twenty-three. Reports say the transport convoy under Tessa’s lead was attacked by bandits. There were no witnesses, and her story supposedly ends there. That is, until a chance twist of fate joins Tessa Marlise and Jimmy Chartron together. An event that will change the course of the Eight Countries forever.

Tessa Marlise
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