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Sean Baker

Born in the South region of Delca, Sean grew up surrounded by family and friends. His current job as a fort recruit was not chosen willingly. Just before his fifteenth birthday, he spilled dragon ale on a Fort Captain at a local charity event. Rather than pay a hefty fine, Sean agreed to work for a year at Fort Darlow. Because of this unlikely recruitment, Sean tends to his duties with less seriousness than the average worker. He enjoys rallying his fellow recruits with a fine tale and a good laugh.

Underneath the fun-loving exterior, though, lies a strong character with a sense of honesty and loyalty. During Sean's first week at the fort, a transport officer tried to bribe him to sign off on a missing shipment of goods. Rather than accept the money, Sean turned the bribe down and reported the offence to his superiors.

Though relatively young, Sean's future seems to be meant for more than janitorial and maintenance duties at the fort. With the events that will transpire in the near future, a part seems set for him to play. A role that will help shape the future of the eight countries.

Sean Baker
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