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Jenna Corta

Lieutenant in command of Fort Darlow. Recipient of the Distinguished Officer award for her actions at the skirmish in Mont Caralo. Wife of Shaun Corta. Now, a self-appointed guardian to one Jimmy Chartron.

Jenna grew up in the lush town of Ildar, on the eastern side of Eagleon. Her parents' modest income provided her with enough opportunity to finish school where she majored in the Sciences of Creatures of the Unknowns. Believing the military held the key to her encountering these creatures, Jenna joined the militia and climbed the ranks, establishing herself as a more than capable leader. However, her true intention is a more peaceful one: to document the unknown creatures which she believes are not violent, but simply misunderstood. Perhaps one day she will be able to broker peace between the unknowns and the eight lands, but that dream is far from fruition.

Right now, Jenna's challenge lies in guiding the young Jimmy Chartron. Their chance meeting and Jenna's unwavering sense of morals will help shape the young boy as he navigates the perils around him.

Jenna Corta
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