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Aurora Dawn

Aurora Dawn – if that even is her real name – is a complete mystery. Contrary to her relaxed appearance, her eyes belie a hard character. The kind that emerges from undergoing excruciating hardships. Whatever those misfortunes were, no one knows. Aurora’s entire past is shrouded in secrecy and she, herself, has learned to thrive in the shadows. The odd person curious enough to ask her personal questions is usually met with an empty stare and utter silence. To the outside world, Aurora Dawn is a lone wolf with few friends – if any – and no family.

One may assume, because of her affiliation with the Moonlight assassins, that the safe thing to do is steer clear of her. Perhaps this reputation is intentional on Aurora’s part as it allows her a freedom to do as she pleases. Her connection with the Moonlight seems to be a steppingstone to a larger agenda of hers; one connected to her troubled past.

Her personal mission is somehow tied to the events that Jimmy Chartron is investigating. Their chance encounters are no mere coincidences; an unsettling fact that has not gone unnoticed by Jimmy. One thing is certain: Aurora Dawn has a larger role to play. What that role is, only time will tell.

Aurora Dawn
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